Corporate Governance - Highlights

Our business and affairs are organized under the direction of our board of directors, which currently consists of eight members. The primary responsibilities of our board of directors are to provide oversight, strategic guidance, counseling and direction to our management. Our board of directors meets on a regular basis and additionally as required. As a general rule, written board materials are distributed in advance of meetings. The board of directors schedules meetings with and requests presentations from members of our senior management on a regular basis and as required.

Our board of directors has established an audit committee, a compensation committee and a corporate governance and nominating committee in accordance with SEC and NASDAQ requirements. In addition, we have established a compliance committee of the board of directors.

Anyone with a concern or complaint about the Genoptix accounting, internal controls or auditing matters may communicate it to the Audit Committee by sending the Committee a letter at the following address: Genoptix Compliance Officer, 2110 Rutherford Road, Carlsbad, California 92008.  Any such communication may be made on a confidential or anonymous basis, but all communications should contain sufficiently specific information to permit the Audit Committee to pursue the matter.

Committee Charters
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationAudit Committee
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCompensation Committee
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationNominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Governance Documents
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCode of Business Conduct and Ethics
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationProcess for Stockholder Communications with the Board of Directors
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationPolicy Regarding Stockholder Recommendations of Director Nominees
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCorporate Governance Guidelines